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How do you say it?

Bosu’s was established in 1993 by Bob and Sue Dunn whose conjoined names created this tongue twister and is pronounced beau-sue’s.  The original wine retail store has changed over the years and in March 2018 was purchased by sisters and Waynesville natives, Stephanie Stickland and Genevieve Bagley.  

Created for the Casual Connoisseur


Wine tastings and haute-cuisine have often been associated with being overpriced and requiring a suit and tie.  In the mountains, we’re happy to leave that to the big cities and instead created an eccentric, relaxed venue that delivers outstanding quality and out-of-this-world taste at our Patio Bar.  



The benefit of a family store is knowledgeable employees and the lack of big store pricing gimmicks.  Our massive inventory is hand-chosen according to what our staff has tried, customers have requested, and new trends.  It also extends beyond wines to include bitters, sake, true champagne, and specialty craft beers.  


Accessories abound if you’re searching for an indulgent gift for yourself or your best drinking buddy.  If you’re searching for a grander gesture, Bosu’s offers to create personalized baskets entirely based on your preferences and budget.  

Patio Bar

Flights and Bites run Thursdays and Fridays transforming the retail venue to a comfortable patio bar offering small plates and bold tastes.  Chef Bryan Bagley has developed his style and extensive knowledge from working in establishments ranging from Savannah, GA to glitzy Las Vegas, NV.  


Utilizing his decades of experience, each week he delivers a menu and wine flight selection that creates a delicious pairing for the palate.  The weekly rotating menu guarantees fresh, in-season delights of outstanding quality.  The menu also offers local beers, gluten-free ciders, rotating draft beer specials.

Full Course Dining

Each month Bosu’s offers a limited five-course dinner event that is designed to shine.  These tend to sell out quickly and never disappoint.  Previous dinners can be found here.  Upcoming events are listed on our calendar.

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